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Welcome to the BDM family, located on Planet Moonkey.

Found on the Cronos network part of

the bdm horde is upon us, LIVE MINTING AVAILABLE NOW

About braindead monkeys
About Phase one

Phase 1.0

After rounding up as many Braindead Monkeys as he can find Commander CRO puts 1111 of them through Banana Boot Camp to get them ready for the voyage to earth from planet MoonKey, however it’s not easy training anything that’s braindead, let alone these monkeys.

Most of them come from a hard life in the vines but they are all hungry for the “CRO”, it’s like a drug to them.

These Braindeads are all unique with 206 separate traits from all parts of the jungle from the top of the trees to the banks of the mangroves.

About phase two

Phase 2.0
Live Minting!!

3D versions of 3333 highly trained planet Moonkey Special Forces, these guys passed the test, also they hope to be kitted up for their raid on earth to collect CRO they will use a variety of weapons and techniques to attack and defeat inhabitants of earth.

You will see Generals, Paratroopers, Pilots, Savages turn these 3333 Special Force BDM’s into an army to be reckoned with.

Will they save planet Moonkey? Will earth survive the onslaught?  Will womens football take over the world.. To be fair they are more passionate than the men..  oh yes back to the BDM’s  !!!!

Gen 1 Monkey
Generation 1

Collection of 1111 Unique BDM NFT's that was released on Cronos Network on 3rd April with mint price of 275 CRO Featuring 206 individual traits.

Sold out in 7 Minutes

This NFT collection was the hottest ticket in town on Cronos chain and took no time at all, 7 minutes in fact for avid collects to mint out the entire collection.

Resilent Floor Price

Since release of the collection on secondary market the floor price has sat between 1000 - 2000 CRO which is a return of 4 -8 times the initial mint price.

Gen 2 Prototype

Get ready to mint In September 11th 2022

Gen 2 Prototype

3333 highly trained BDM's unleashed

Generation 2 (Gen 2)

High quality 3D collection of Brain Dead monkeys will be landing on the Cronos network in September 11th 2022. Check back for the Link when they launch.

Ready to mint September 11th 22

Get ready to earn rewards on your NFT's , Using royalties from secondary sales we will be rewarding holders of Gen 2 BDM's & with more exciting utilities under development and launching soon.

braindead  monkeys nft merchandise

BDM Bespoke Merchandise coming soon.

As our community knows we have BDM projects being worked on the background,  we are close to being able to start offering bespoke merchandise.   

Yes! T-shirts, Caps, Mugs and all top quality products to

About NFT’S

Why should I buy a

Non-fungible tokens, often referred to as NFTs, are blockchain-based tokens that each represent a unique asset like a piece of art, digital content, or media. An NFT can be thought of as an irrevocable digital certificate of ownership and authenticity for a given asset, whether digital or physical. 

There are other reasons to get involved and grab yourself a BDM NFT.  With a Minting  Price of 275 CRO the  floor price now holds around 1250 CRO.

We achieved over 655.25k CRO in Secondary Sales on Ebisus Bay our preferred NTF marketplace.   With more and more utilities coming on board over the coming months including Gen 2 and Merchandising options.

Our team

Meet some of our team

Reach out to our team, or simply join us on discord.   We have a community just for you and there’s no stupid questions just a warm welcome.


Founder and CEO
Head Of Creative


Founder and CEO
Head Of Operations


Lead Merchandiser
BDM Defender


Lead Web Developer
BDM Defender


Community Manager
BDM Defender

Duce Lee

Marketing & Social Media Lead
BDM Defender

Building worlds

Join us in our VR gallery

Strap on your Oculus or Vive setup and join us for a chat in our VR Gallery..  Check in Discord first though 🙂

The network,  Cronos Network Adopting Millions of users around the world.

Its an exciting time to become a BDM NFT collector.


What I like most about BDM would have to be the involvement between the founders and the rest of the community..

They actually involve the community in the growth of the project..  Hands down the best artwork out there.


I was so lucky to find the BDM project on a Discord shill 3 days before the mint.

I loved the art, and what I heard in the AMA & the awesome community.

So far ive minted 3  and picked up a VARC NFT.

Shiba Dawg

Braindead Monkeys, the first NFT project I ever invested in and my favourite! The creators are honest and hard-working and the community they’ve built proves it.  BDM is always building relationships with other projects to benefit the community.

Still have questions?

Still got questions?  you can always join our Disord group.

Braindead Monkeys can be purchased with our secondary market partner EbisusBay, the leading marketplace on the Cronos Network.

Gen1 of Braindead Monkeys is a limited release of just 1111 NFTs comprising of 206 traits. It is this
attention to detail that gives each Braindead Monkey their own unique look, regardless of the rank.

You can simply download the Cronos Defi wallet to setup on the CRC20 network and purchase via credit card. You can also download the main wallet and fund via it. 

Using metamask is also possible by setting it up to operate on Cronos.

We have a very active Discord community and encourage people to join should you wish to ask any questions you have in mind.

We are currently working on the release of Gen2, which is a 3D collection that will be released in the middle of August, the exact date and mint pricing is TBC.

You secure that shit, Hudson! 

All right. Now listen up. – I want this thing to go smooth and by the numbers. – I want D.C.S. and tactical database assimilation by 08:30.

About NFT’s

Income and rewards

Stake your NFT’s and earn rewards!, we are working to bring you a full set of blockchain utilites to backup your BDM artworks.  Opting in with our merchandising options can earn CRO on sales of merchandise bearing your own NFT’s.

Our network and our community come from all walks of life and from all over the world,  we even have extraterrestrial cohorts and other NTF partners making us a collabrative collection with eyes on the moon..  (While keeping an eye on Planet MoonKey). 

BDM & Viking Arc labs Collections

Discover more artwork

Check out our Gen 1 collection & why not take a gander at our Viking Arc Labs collection.

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Gen 2 Animated Render

We are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to NFT artworks.

Checkout our 3D render of our upcoming BDM Gen 2 NFT's.

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